Security Solutions

Sirrus Corp has developed their security solutions to be unintimidating, reasonably priced and most are offered as fully managed services including real-time monitoring with regularly scheduled security scans to ensure the integrity of their client’s security protocols.


LightsOut is a physical security solution that is especially beneficial to consumers and businesses that do not have access to power or Internet, or wish to know if they lose power or Internet at a specific location.

TrustLock & MedLock

These devices reside inside the client’s network and perform preprogrammed network scans, then store and forward log files for future verification of designated events.

Penetration testing and network scans are the core of network-based security and our Security Engineers are experts in this field.

Most of our security contracts begin with penetration testing and creating solutions to keep the “bad boys” out of client networks while also monitoring those who have authorized access.