Each of the primary founders of Sirrus Corp possesses a high level of expertise in the core groups of security management.

From this foundation they designed and built an entity capable of assisting their clients in navigating a truly complete solution without conflicting software or security processes. Their high levels of expertise also allow many of their products to be customized to meet their client’s specifics requirements.

Sparrow Marcioni


Founded several Internet based technology companies, although her prior companies were all entertainment and marketing oriented. Founder of the following companies:


Internet Passport was the first company to develop universal dial up software to allow small ISP’s to become national or at least appear as such. IP was sold in its start up stage for $6.5 million to a California Telecom that had an interest in DirecTV.


Netsentinel, one of the first managed security providers. Netsentinel was responsible for building the security features for the ultra secure data centers for Abovenet in California and New York and City Reach in London as well as Deutsche Telekom and KPN Telecom.


C.E.T Networks was merged into Linux Labs International, thus combining network services with high speed technologies. Sparrow has remained CEO of Linux Labs for the past 10 years.

Steven James


A scientist, an inventor, a technologist and an experienced software developer in many fields. He is responsible for creating and improving many core technologies in the world of cluster computing, a field that lends itself to many other areas of technology.

Solely responsible for creating the NimbusOS which Linux Labs built their original business on. NimbusOS set standards for high speed cluster systems over 10 years ago and is still in use in many universities etc.

Expertise in embedded systems allowed Steven to lead the development of a tablet operating system for Mitsubishi Electric to allow field technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot their HVAC systems in the field.